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Film Australia Collection Program Sales provides distribution services for more than a thousand Australian documentaries and programs, including titles produced under Film Australia's National Interest Program and Making History Initiative.

Film Australia Collection Program Sales promotes and licenses our titles to Australian and international free-to-air and pay TV broadcasters, online service providers, new technology and new media broadcasters, and to libraries, schools, universities and community groups for non theatrical and educational use and DVDs for home viewers.

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The Film Australia Collection documentary catalogue contains thousands of programs which have been produced under the former Film Australia National Interest Program, Making History Initiative or which are distributed by Film Australia Collection Sales. More than 1000 of our titles can be found on this website.

Most of our programs are documentaries, produced for television broadcast in Australia and internationally. There are also several highly acclaimed multimedia projects.

Over the years, we’ve made programs on behalf of various government departments as well as children’s programs, animations, shorts, features and dramas. A selection of these can also be found on the site.

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